Lucky 7s

Correctly predict the results from a selected seven fixtures (not scores – just H, A or X), to win the cashpot!

The pot will begin at £300 and rise by £10 each week, until won and then it is reset back to £50 again.

Entries cost just £1 a week and there is no limit on how many times you can enter!

Additionally, there are prizes for the highest points scorer over the whole season (£90), the winner of a Cup competition (£90) and of a League competition run throughout the season (£90, plus small monthly cash prizes for players topping divisions) – all of this is included in your £1 a week!

How do I join and pay?

Its really easy. Just fill in the details below and make your payment and you’ll immediately be eligible for the next Saturdays fixtures. You can join at any time during the season and you’ll still be eligible for prizes.

Payment is easy as well. The cost is just £1 per week and the competition runs for 44 weeks. You don’t even need to pay all the money up front but we suggest a minimum payment of £10 to help with administration duties! To pay via paypal just choose your preferred option on the form below and it is done!

Alternatively if you’d like to pay by bank transfer, in cash or via cheque, please email:, with your name and we’ll get you signed up straight away. You can then pay in cash to a Trust representative on a match day.